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Working from our offices in Bristol, with motorway and rail access to London and beyond, we employ a diverse team with a range of skills that has seen us deliver a wide range of projects for a variety of national and international clients.

Core Creative

We work with some of the biggest names in the business to innovative start ups and SME's. Our Core Creative offering is at the heart of who we are and what we do. We are a thinking agency, we are never afraid to question a brief and work with our clients to a common goal of creative excellence . We are specialists in turning ideas generated in our core creative 'bear pit' into campaigns that build market share. In our core creative offering we take time to understand our clients brands and the market they operate in to develop engaging creative and compelling campaigns that communicate brand stories, enrich the customers journey and ultimately make them purchase or clients products or services. Our core creative team understand that great ideas are not enough, they understand that compelling creative needs to be more than something that will appear in Creative Week as a 'work of art'. Creative is not a work of art, it needs to be intrinsically linked with the objectives and goals of our clients to be truly successful. We want our clients to feel inspired by the work we do but ultimately it's all about the end customer .

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Branding, Strategy & Graphic Design

We have been behind some of the biggest global brands developing branding and strategy. We provide tailored advice on how brands can embrace, and also be an intricate part of an ever changing world. Using our tried and tested methods we inspire our clients to create sound brand strategy that engages and motivates our clients target audience. Every brand is a company's promise to all of those that engage, work and consume it . Therefore it is of up most importance that the brand strategy supports the achievement of the business objectives whilst ensuring that there is no gap between what the brand promises and what it ultimately delivers

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Web & New Media

Blow Digital, our inhouse sister company, specialise in online strategy, ecommerce through to CGI animation and a whole lot more in-between. Blow Digital creates high-end, engaging, elegant websites and applications to help brands make new friends in a rapidly changing online world. For more info in this area see

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From six sheets to billboards and magazines to newspapers Blow Creative have developed adverts for a wide range of clients. We understand the need for a compelling call to action that ultimately drives engagement, builds brand equity and drives sales.

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Consumers worldwide are strongly influenced by the entire experience of a product. this is everything from the design of the packaging itself to the innovative product that this ultimately delivers. We originate, design, prototype and produce packaging for some of the worlds leading brands and also for new innovative start ups. Everything we do revolves around engaging with the consumer to deliver a persuasive packaging design that leaves the shelf instore and makes it home with the consumer. Our designs consider every aspect of packaging design but ultimate are designed to drive sales, enhance brand value and grow market share. Our designs are bespoke, engaging and smart. We understand that the store is the final battle ground and ultimately the purchase decision is made right there and then, in the consumers hands. We have the insight and knowledge to help our clients develop packaging designs that deliver growth and ultimately return on the money invested.

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With the dawn of a digital age many thought that print would die an untimely death. Actually consumers and customers alike still enjoy having something in their hands. We design and print managed a great deal of brochures for a wide range of clients. We understand the importance of an engaging design as well as the importance of using the right printing materials whether this be from a sustainability angle or to deliver a premium product.

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Instore & point of sale

Blow Creative ornate, design and develop eye-catching point of sale materials. From DVDs and CD Roms for product demonstration, through to counter top units, gondolas, FSU (free standing units) to complete store overhauls. We were the agency that created and built Diageos Instore innovation centre showing clients around the world the POS benchmark and the future of POS innovation.

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3D Visualisation & Animation

Blow Creative have dynamic and creative 3D studio. Our animation services include 3d visualisations, Product and Service animations, and videos that use animated graphics both 3D and 2D to help simplify the complexity of a message/campaign or brand and allow the end user to easily understand the message even if the message is a mere concept. We use groundbreaking and sometimes photo realistic 2D motion graphics and 3D animation to help market our clients product and services in a dynamic, engaging and memorable way.

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Video Production

We are a full-service video production agency with an inhouse production team, film crews, designers and post production facilities. We shoot on location across the UK and across the globe for a wide range of brands, products and services. We can combine these capabilities with our 3D department to deliver on any client brief on the tightest of time frames and budgets.

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Blow Creative offer a wide range of event design and organisation services. Including, but not limited to, Award shows, Conferences, Exhibitons and Trade shows, Fan Zones, Hospitality Environments, Pop-up shops, Product launches, Promotions and Retail activations.

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We have a long history of developing a wide range of award winning trade communications including ground breaking Grocer front covers, innovative leave behinds and global trade education websites. We understand the need for a different strategic and creative approach to trade and our success is proven with the long term global trade clients we work with.

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