Cleaning up across the globe

Domestos. Kills all known germs dead. A headline we know in the UK but its cleaning power is also renowned across the world under other guises… We were approached by Unilever to create online video assets that could be adapted and rolled out universally. All we had to do was first build a bathroom…

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Working from insights from the Domestos development team in Italy we scripted demonstration videos that highlighted the core benefits of the Domestos suite of products. Whether you’re working in the kitchen or ensuring that germs are wiped out in the bathroom the efficacy of the products was demonstrated in short, snappy online videos and social posts.

Our post production team adapted the content to include the full family of bottles, sprays and bleach colours before the content was released to the local teams to deploy to their markets. Along with updated brand guidelines we ensured that every execution of the videos landed whether you were killing germs in England, Italy or further afield. All of the data from the regional social campaigns were clearly measured by Unilever and fed back in to the Domestos teams for validity on future campaign activity / social posts.