L’Oreal Paris True Match - Pass the secret

L’Oreal Paris understand their consumers desire for products to be as personalised for their needs as possible. As part of this mission they developed True Match ‘The One’ Concealer with 14 shades in the range that will match your individual skin tone.

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Our creative direction was basing the 14 short films around the idea of ‘passing the secret’. With the help of 14 great influencers our team directed, filmed, edited, colour graded and animated videos demonstrating how they apply the concealer to address their personal beauty requirements. Each influencer would share their own beauty secret and then ‘pass’ on to the next influencer to create a string of insightful content.

The finished content was uploaded on each of the influencers Instagram and YouTube channels as well as Facebook. The Instagram results for each of the 14 influencers ranged from around 40,000 to over 250,000 views for #kaushalbeauty. Great exposure for a brilliant launch.