Regenerate Mouthwash


Regenerate is a toothpaste revolution and Blow have been with them as the brand has evolved and grown. Working with the Regenerate team we have helped develop their professional branding, refine the consumer journey and consequently delivered range extension pack designs. The latest of which is a groundbreaking, and completely fresh-to-the-market foaming mouthwash for on-the-go freshness.

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Regenerate’s brands split into two channels; one targeted at consumers, the other at dental professionals. Our strategic and creative across these two areas has resulted in us producing a vast amount of digital and print-based items ranging from brochures and comms to packaging and display packs.

Our in-house team of cardboard engineers have developed showcase boxes for sales team sell-in at the dental clinics through to post out packs to drive knowledge of the brands efficacy.

Regenerate Mailer Box