Re:design. Re:position. Re:lease!

We have been at Reon’s side for its exciting ride into a new category of caffeine and vitamin powder shots.

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Reon approached us with an initial discussion about reworking their existing website. However we stopped, took stock and recommended a deeper dive into the brand strategy and its positioning. Reon had some great potential but it was a little fragmented in its approach. It was doing lots of great things but without the cohesion it deserved and needed. With a product that was ‘new to world’ it was more important than ever that they were single minded in their approach.

With a new brand strategy and positioning in place we channeled the brands energy with a confident sense of direction and purpose. It was a new beginning for a brand with so much potential. Using this roadmap we have worked with the brand and have created new packaging, advertising campaigns, video, website, and point of sale materials.

Clearer. Bolder. Stronger.

Much like the product inside our pack designs are much more succinct in terms of the hierarchy of messaging. Reon is all about real people so we reached out and worked with local talent from skateboarders to graffiti artists, CrossFitters and students to use in our campaigns.