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Elvive x TikTok

About the project

After a challenging 2 years, Elvive lost its #1 market position for the first time in 2021. The challenge was to regain leadership in 2022


59% of consumers are interested in learning more about key ingredients in their haircare (Mintel Haircare Report 2022). This is skewed towards the younger, more engaged consumers and opens the opportunity to use TikTok as an avenue for education for the launch of Hydra. So how to go about getting the message out there to a digital-focused audience…

Developed a 4-week strategy that focuses on blending the 3 Es: entertainment, education & engagement. Build a campaign around the hashtag #lorealhyaluronic, inviting 2000 influencers to engage with content after receiving a state-changing ‘beauty box’. The box featured a lenticular cover which revealed a printed visual that changed from ‘before-to-after’ to show the results of using L’Oréal Hyaluronic products.


Hydra [Hyaluronic] garnered a 2.5% market share with 93% incremental sales, becoming the #1 best-selling UK haircare launch in history. Elvive returned to its market leader position with its highest market share to date of 13.4%, an increase of +0.6 percentage points vs. its previous peak in 2019.

Client: ELVIVE

Areas: Packaging design. Packaging production. Motion design. Strategy. Creative.

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